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Heat & Screed Ltd supply & install floor screeds that are Bonded to the floor slab or Floating on Thermal or
Acoustic Insulations. Each method of installation has specific preparation methods which we can carry out.

Bonded Screeds
Bonded screeds are directly bonded to the floor slab using chemical bonding agents such as SBR or resin
bonding agents. Sometimes a floor needs to be cleaned and shotblasted to remove any residues of the
previous floor product. We can arrange this through a network of specialists we work with on a regular basis.
We will then come to site once the floor is prepared and install the bonding agents and screed. Bonded
Screeds can be installed at reduced thicknesses.

Floating Screeds
Floor Screeds are more commonly installed over Thermal or Acoustic insulation, especially if the floor is to be
heated. Heat & Screed Ltd have a network of insulation suppliers throughout the UK.

Acoustic Insulations are used beneath upper floor screeds to separate the floor screed from the floor slab and
stop the passage of sound to the rooms below. Heat & Screed Ltd can specify, supply and install a range of
acoustic floor insulations, which will be carried out to comply with Robust Details (RSD). These insulations can
be installed with underfloor heating and all screed types.

Thermal Insulations are used beneath ground floor screeds to prevent heat losses occurring through the floor.
Heat & Screed Ltd are experienced in the installation of all Insulation products. Insulation is used beneath
underfloor heating pipes to increase efficiency and as a temporary fixing for our underfloor heating pipe staples.

The minimum thickness of Floor Screeds on insulation is 65mm for domestic use and 75mm for commercial
use. These thicknesses can be reduced when using a free flowing screed such as Tarmac Truflow.

DPM’s & Gas Membranes
Ground Floor & basement screeds normally require a DPM and a vapour barrier. The DPM goes beneath the
insulation and the vapour barrier on top of the insulation. Certain properties built where there is the presence of
ground gases (radon, methane etc) require a gas membrane to be installed. Heat & Screed Ltd can install
most DPM’s and Gas Membranes. A DPM is also used to install a debonded screed, separating the screed
from the floor slab. The minimum thickness for a debonded screed is 50mm, this can be reduced with a free
flowing screed such as Tarmac Truflow.
T: 01204 652 958 / F: 0872 111 3182