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Quick Drying Screeds are generally used where there is a requirement to install floor finishes sooner in to the
project. The rate at which the products dry varies depending on the screed that you have specified, however, we
can always recommend a product that suits your particular application and required drying time.

Quick drying screeds are generally used in Schools, Hospitals and retail units. The addition of the
plasticisers gives a screed with an higher compressive strength.

Some quick drying screeds can be delivered readymixed from the screed manufacturers. They can be
pumped if required and installed bonded, unbonded, floating and over underfloor heating systems.

Tarmac Truscreed F, Premier Screed and ES Screeds are all factory batched and contain a measured
amount of Sand, Cement and Super Plasticisers. These screeds all dry at 3-4mm per day assuming the
correct drying conditions are met on site. These screeds accept light foot traffic within 48 hours. These screeds
are an alternative to the highly specified Isocrete K Screed which is generally mixed on site.

Tarmac Cemscreed is the latest fast drying screed on the market. It is supplied readymixed and depending on
thickness normally dries in 7 days. Cemscreed 5 can receive light foot traffic after 24 hours and is suitable for
use over underfloor heating systems. We are approved installers for Tarmac Cemscreed. Tarmac
Cemscreed is also available in bagged form for mixing on site, which gives a 5 day drying time. Tarmac
Cemscreed is an excellent alternative to the highly specified Isocrete K Screed or Isocrete Fast K Screed.

Flexidry Screed is a product where the customer can select the drying time of either, 3, 7, 14 or 21 days. This
fast drying floor screed is mixed on site, with the amount of Flexidry additive being increased to speed up the
drying time. There is less shrinkage when using Flexidry products and the screed is ideal for use with
underfloor heating. Flexidry screeds can accept light foot traffic 12 hours after installation.

The above mentioned floor screeds are just some of the fast drying screeds that we install. If you have
an alternative product in mind please call a member of our team to discuss. We can install most products, or
specify a direct alternative.

For any further information, or to be sent product datasheets please contact a member of our team.
T: 01204 652 958 / F: 0872 111 3182