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Industrial Toppings are used where the floor screed is not to receive a final floor finish (for example carpet or
tiles). Industrial toppings are ideal for renovation of factory or warehouse floors and can be installed from 3mm in
thickness. Industrial toppings are available in a number of colours.

If a thicker industrial floor is required we will normally specify an high strength screed, then apply an industrial
topping to this. We also work with Resin Flooring installers on a regular basis, installing the screeds for them
to apply the resin flooring to.

Industrial Toppings can be pumped using a machine which mixes the product to the correct consistency and
conveys it to the working area. Pumping is generally only necessary in larger areas, otherwise the use of a
mixing drill is sufficient.

There are far too many industrial toppings on the market to list however, we regularly install products
from the following suppliers;

CMS Pozamant (Tarmac)

For any further information, or to be sent product datasheets please contact a member of our team.

T: 01204 652 958 / F: 0872 111 3182