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Free Flowing Screeds or Liquid Screeds are also known as anhydrite or calcium sulphate screed.

Free Flowing screeds are ideal when a large area needs to be installed quickly, for example on schools or
hospitals. As there is less manual labour involved areas of up to 2000m² can be installed within a day. Free
Flowing screeds only become cost effective on larger areas due to the additional cost of the pump.

Product names of Flowing Screeds are; Tarmac Truflow, Lafarge Gyvlon, Cemex Supaflo and Bardon

Screeds are delivered to site in conventional concrete trucks and pumped into place using a flowing screed
pump. Flowing screeds are also available in bagged form if your project is not within reach of a screed plant,
however, this can be an expensive option and you may be better to consider a traditional screed.

The preparatory work for Flowing Screeds generally takes slightly longer as all joints in the polythene
membrane and perimeter strip need to be taped to prevent leaks. Flowing Screeds also require specialist tile
adhesives and smoothing compounds, as they react with any cementitious products they come into contact

For any further information on suitable adhesives please contact a member of our team.

Flowing Screeds are ideal for use with underfloor heating systems and give a slightly better heat
transfer than traditional screeds as the material flows around the heating pipe.

An advantage of flowing screeds with underfloor heating is that the heating can be used to force dry the
screed as early as 7 days (following strict guidelines on this). The screed thickness can also be reduced as a
minimum cover of 25mm is required from the top of the pipe (different screed manufacturers guidelines vary on

We are approved contractors for the application of all flowing screeds.

For any further information, or to be sent product datasheets please contact a member of our team.
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